soditer LED Luminous Levitating Globe

soditer LED Luminous Levitating Globe

This thing is a little high for an impulse buy, but it does look pretty cool.

*Totally not shopped jpg
totally not shopped

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Who can avoid her bountiful bursting review?

Giving her husband a gift, her husband likes it very much, great! In the living room, very fun, shiny, super nice, like it! Cool after loading! The high-tech suspended globe, lightly rotating, placed in the living room, looks very refreshing, instantly enhances the taste of the living room, friends come to see at home, like it, rush to take it away!

I just hope he vacuumed well before she inspects.


Maybe it reminds her of the pool boy.


I’m lost by the measurement. Diagram says the globe is 6 inches across (Obviously at its widest point…) but the base says its 3.4 inches wide…yet the pic shows the globe being as wide as the base…Seems quite deceptive. For over $50 I’m not going to chance it. Also, how hard is it for them to show an actual picture of the actual product? These seem so manipulated.


Hi there. Yeah, something is off with the base measurements. Looks like Amazon deleted that photo so I’m going to ask that we do as well. The globe is 6" though. The internet seems to agree on that.

If you read those features in Frank Oz’s voice, it’s just like having Yoda beside you:

“Radio transmission technology: Globe without installing the battery, to rotate and float through the base radio emitting power.”

Buy this, you must…


I’m very disappointed. I just received my globe but it does not show any if the constellations. Isn’t this automatic or am I missing something. I am considering returning the globe.

It appears like it’s a globe of Earth during the day and it shows the 88 constellations in darkness.
Yours doesn’t do that?

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No mine stays a globe of the earth. It never shows the constellations.

No light switch?

If you don’t figure it out, reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Thanks for suggestion concerning woot support. Yes there are 2 light switches. One for the base and one for the globe. Still no constellations.

Having the same issue as donedeal58 - the globe is only ever of the Earth, not of the constellations; and the instructions that come with the globe are of little help.

I’m very sorry. Please reach out to Woot Customer service as noted above. I’ve sent a note so we can look into this further.