SOG PowerLock EOD

This is one of my favorite multi-tools. You can’t access the accessories without opening the device. The sheath, while well made, rides so high on a belt that it becomes top heavy. Those are the only two drawbacks I have found.

There are no backs-springs to contend with when deploying the accessories. They pivot out and lock using the proprietary power lock system. For people with poor finger strength or who lack finger nails with carbon fiber reinforcement, this is a major plus.

Good product. Had mine for years with no problem. Only draw back might be for people with small hands. The handles get kind of wide when grasping thicker things with pliers.

Bought an SOG. Very disappointed in the quality of the phillips screwdriver - it broke off the first time I tried to use it. Replacement parts are $$$, so I now have one w/o phillips driver.

Overall, the knife holds an edge and the pliers are fine - just the quality of the driver was off-putting.