Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator

Bought this model off here recently and really like it.

Half the price of Vinturi (woot prices) and about half as much aeration, in case you think the Vinturi is too much. Some people love these!

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Top pick at a 7-Way Wine Aerator Blind Tasting

I bought this from this Woot and I’m very pleased with it.

Some people expressed concern about fragility - the glass is strong, so no worries.

2 more reviews here:


Nice paraphernalia. “No, officer, it’s a wine aerator. I swear!”

#1 roll J
#2 insert into holes
#3 Inhale
#4 exhale
#5 pass to the left
when finished fill with wine or see #1

at first glance i thought this was a bong


I got one of these and haven’t been impressed. It’s much smaller than it looks in the picture, but still a little unwieldy. I always worry that I’m going to spill stuff everywhere, and sometimes actually do. I haven’t had any issues with it falling off or leaking, though.

As for performance, I might simply be doing it wrong, but I can’t really tell much of a difference with it than without it. I haven’t run extensive double-blind tests, though, and only use it on “everyday” bottles - everything nicer goes in the actual decanter. Still, it didn’t seem to do anything to a just-opened bottle of the TLC Cab/Shiraz, which is certainly fairly good quality and quite complex after a little bit of time.

It’s also difficult to store, too, inasmuch as it is oddly shaped and seems to be fairly fragile (even if, as we’ve been assured, it’s really not). I can’t easily stick it in a drawer with the rest of my (mostly metal and/or somewhat heavy) wine accessories, so I have to leave it sitting out on the counter, looking all lonely in a corner.

Still, buy, buy, buy it so we can get back to the wine! :slight_smile:

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Agreed. These make great cheap useful presents for wine lovers you’re not THAT friendly with :smiley: I haven’t tried mine yet!

Oh, and they’re LIGHT. those vinturis use up your picnic basket weight limit quickly

Oh come on. Sell WINE!

…and I’ve just realized this whole paragraph is basically one long double entendre.

I also picked one of these up in their last wooting, and it’s alright. Not as good as my parents’ Venturi, but better than nothing. It’s real pretty, and while I was nervous the first time I poured with it, the gasket does create a solid seal. Seconding the slightly awkward storage, but it’s been fine on my bar paraphernalia shelf.

Oh tooo funny. Made me LoL

From the description: “Allows you to decant just the portion of wine you want.”

You know what else does that? A decanter.

Ah - I was surprised by your review until I came to this. I bet you’d find the results different of you try this with some nicer wines.

Bought 2 of these on here last time and shipped them to our Florida home as a surprise for my partner. HE LOVED THEM! Just bought 2 more for our NY home!

I think they mean that some of the wine gets left in the bottle, undecanted, so theoretically you could store it with a Vacuvin or something. However, I said “theoretically” because the action of using the Soiree aerates all of the wine to at least some degree, so I don’t think storage is a great idea (I haven’t tried).

All I can say…looks BONGTASTIC!

Been wanting one of these for some time now. On a visit to the wineries of the Santa Cruz mountains many of the wineries there used them as a way to quickly open wines. These weren’t cheap wines, many over $50 a bottle. One particular winery had both the Vinturi and the Soiree on hand but seemed to use the Soiree the most, they even sold them there. Great deal at this price.