Solar Outdoor Patio Umbrella String Lights

ugh I hate photoshopped images. the dots of lights under the umbrellas are completely fake and those images should be culled. that said, I’ve enjoyed many types and styles of cheap chinese outdoor lighting and some last a lot longer than others. that also said, i’ll try 2 of these and see how they work with my 2 huge brellas. would have been NICE if the solar panel were at the TOP because when the brella is down… how do they charge or stay in place? (poor design but hey I’m still buying 2 of them)

Hello. Vendor says they they are charged by the solar panel which you clip onto your patio umbrella. They’re secured with the special zip ties provided or you can wrap them around the arm of your patio umbrella. Here’s a video of someone installing them if that helps.


The video was useful, thanks. They work really well so far, and when the umbrellas are down, the solar panels get enough ambient light to charge somewhat. I used velcro plant tape instead of the tiny zip ties, as this allows easy removal.

Wrapping the lights around each arm should have been in the instructions as I have 8" of light that hang down from the ends of each arm. Looks nice actually, if you don’t freak out every time you brush up against a dangling light - thinking it’s a bug lol.