Soleus GO! Fitness Band

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Soleus GO! Fitness Band
Price: $79.99
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Time ot check out the product page and lets learn all about Soleus

Looks good over at

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anyone know the min/max wrist size this thing handles?

All of these little fitness things seem horribly over priced. When I saw the metal buttons on the inside of the wrist strap I thought perhaps this one also read heart rate. That’d make the price worth it. But, it seems this unit does not. Pass.

I have the Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker - I had to get more phone than I needed to accommodate the Bluetooth LE spec required (basically had to get a Galaxy Note 3, S5, or the latest HTC). It is okay - It seems really dumb that they didn’t just add a screen to it to display alerts and time, etc. Especially for the price I paid. Is it worth selling it for whatever I can get and get this instead? Thoughts from people that own this?

I’ve also been looking into the Samsung smart watch thingies. Those seem like the bees knees – Go go gadget level of cool but pricey :slight_smile:

edit: Looks like Woot is selling refurbs of the old model.

Yep, I was looking for the same thing. If this had a good HR tracker I would have pulled the trigger.

I’ve been thinking of getting something like this, but 99% of them seem to track walking/running. Which consists of virtually none of my fitness activity… I do pushups, situps, total gym, free weights, bike… I have a Galaxy 3. But broke until payday next week…

I haven’t seen so many unfit people start wearing these type of watches, as if this was the thing that was going to make a difference. Also, I haven’t seen so many people who disdain or thought there was never a reason to wear a wrist watch “why wear the dinosaur piece when the phone can tell time more accurately”, now starting to sport one.

Thank you very much Mr Wang for you very helpful insight on this product.


Okay, I have read this six times, and I am still confused. What does this mean? Is it Engrish?

Its typo with chiclet type keyboards. what is so hard to understand? You don’t leet speak?

“I haven’t seen so many unfit people start wearing these type of watches, as if this was the thing that was going to make a difference.”

These type of watches = fitness band/watches.

as if this was the thing that was going to make a difference. = unfit people don’t exercise, and they getting a gadget is not going to make them all of a sudden become a fitness freak. If they wanted to get fit, they would have done it w/o this.

As for following section, I guess you have not heard of the phenomenon where younger people stopped wearing watches, but now ware wearing it because the trend tells them to. The quoted section would be a verbatim by a non watch wearer.

MAYBE HE IS A WALKER!!! Don’t worry… Someone once thought my name was Daryl, you are all safe now.

Meh… Not buyen it. Still sounds ridiculous. Never drink and post, remember that. You leave a drunken trail of internet cookie crumbs everywhere you go. You damn walker.

Here’s a link to my review, “Negatives Outweigh the Positives,” at Amazon. Though maybe if my wrist were a little bigger , I’d go for it, at the Woot price

I’m with you guys, would have been nice if it had a Heart Rate monitor, why would they omit that feature crazy!