Someone's Lucky Day

The meat bunnies are back!

(Third in a series - You Have to Try This Guys and Meatatarian are the previous shirts).

Oh my. This shirt is just wrong.

I’m going to have nightmares.

Just in time for St. Patricks Day! I can’t wear this to work though. (Elementary School teacher!)

Watership Down meets Lord of the Flies?

This is seriously fscked up and not in a good way.

First he eats them, now this? Those other bunnies need to learn keep away from that one guy, he’s got some serious issues going on.

Hey Fable Fans! Be sure and follow Fable’s latest derby entries over at her DeviantArt page! Best place to keep up with her art contributions for the time being. :smiley:

And yes, yay for more meat bunnies. Well not quite, but perhaps this could be considered a prequel. Next up, cannibalism!

(Pssst, vote for the Star Foxies!) /Shameless plug

Dang! I was just on my way to bed, but decided to fulfill that “gnawing” feeling to check out woot!

This particular write up is seriously twisted and will give me creepy nightmares.

i get more props on my Meatatarian shirt than just about any of the other woot shirts i own (which is at least 15… i haven’t counted recently). it helps that i work at a “health food” store with humor-inclined hippies. this one isn’t as funny, but still good. well done, fablefire!

It’s ironic, see, because one guy had to be unlucky for the other guy to be lucky. Heh.

That bunny has a name. It’s Dexter Dahmer.

Spoilers Look closely at the left bunny. Mmmhm. That’s right. 7. /Spoilers

I thought that was a tampon.

Wow, how many 4-leaf clovers are there in that clover patch?

“Look, there’s a price, there’s always a price, and personally, I intend to be eaten well-marbled.”

“Bigwig began to breath again.”
The proper word is “breathe.” C’mon, woot writers! They pay you for this job! :frowning:

Your resident Grammar Nerd

Bunny shirts, now for Shark Week.

I had to research this before commenting on it…

Yes, it is indeed ROFLMAO!