Something Strong BulletProof Duffel Bag

So if the name of the bag is “BulletProof”, does that mean it’s actually bulletproof? The spec say it’s made out of cotton, not Kevlar as one would expect. Is this false advertising? After the airport shooting Fort Lauderdale I’ve been thinking about buying some sort of discreet ballistic protection.

I was wondering the exact same thing. And I was thinking of this for my son in high school. Is it bulletproof or not?

Bulletproof is the style name. It’s not actually bulletproof. Sorry for the confusion.

HORRIBLE marketing, very misleading on the company’s part. Buy some panel inserts. Or, do like I did, find someone who has an out of date kevlar vest their department is replacing…I use a small/medium panel in my softside CCW briefcase (after testing one of the larger panels with a variety of rounds). Even extremely out-of-date Level III kevlar holds up well.