Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset

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Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset
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Reviews from Best Buy

Extra bass? Isn’t that a BOSE? (Bass only sound extra)

All sorts of good reviews over at the product page

Reviews over at B&H Photo

I have a pair of these and absolutely love them!
Battery life is insane on them, they last ~14hrs with bass boost on and about 18hrs without.
Not as comfy as their xb500/700/1000 predecessors, but I had no issues wearing them the entire 17hr flight to Asia.
The bass boost is a little gimmicky, really ramps up the bass but you lose all quality in mids/highs.
Bluetooth pairing with nfc was a breeze and the mic quality is pretty good.

Only gripe about these is the cable they provide. In order to get the full sound range it needs to be hardwired and the cable provided isn’t the best quality. Even a bigger pain is that the jack is recessed a little more than usual and a lot of generic aux cables can’t reach.

No, it’s No highs no lows…must be BOSE

I have a pair of these as well. While they aren’t noise cancelling in any way, they’re padded enough that they may as well be.

Of course the audio range is going to be more limited via Bluetooth than with the analog cable, that’s just how things work.

The coolest thing about the cable is that the two modes operate almost completely independently of each other- the battery can be completely dead, but you can just use the audio jack and keep going. It’s an unlikely scenario, though since the battery life is insane.

There is only one drawback, in my opinion. If you wear glasses, these headphones aren’t your friend.

How’s the battery life?

Jeez read 3 posts up!

I bought these around black friday for the same price. Have been using ear buds for years and years now and just wanted something different.

I do have to say, after using ear buds for so long these take some getting used to. With all the padding and being over ear they make my ears and head very warm after around 20 or so minutes. They are very comfortable outside of that and I am getting more used to wearing them the more I do.

And I do keep wearing them because they sound fantastic. The controls on it are also very intuitive and responsive (volume, play, pause forward, back).

I do wish they stored a little easier, the only way they store is the headphone parts turn inwards so the that it lays flat (this does also make a nice alternative to putting them around your neck, which can be awkward because of how large they are, I just shift them up and the cans turn and they hug the top of my head and then I just pull them back down when I am done with whatever task required me to take them off).

As stated I got these for $99 on black friday from best buy and it as a great price, for $104 from woot I would buy them again, very worth it if you need a comfortable, great sounding pair of over ear headphones.

Santa purchased these for me at Best Buy on black friday for $99. I really like them! They are lightweight and comfortable, paired easily with my iPhone, and produce great quality sound. I have used them several times with different devices and have encountered no issues. Note: I am not an audiophile.

I hear a lot if people say this, but my BOSE surround has highs and lows. My very old 901s, from the 70’s are nothing but bass. Got those from a Coke head. Bose will give me half off a new set if I turn these in,