Sony Extra Bass BT Headphones

Sony Extra Bass BT Headphones

Bought these a few years ago and they’re great. Very long battery life and the extra bass option is a plus. Highly recommended.

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Any idea if these support multiple devices? My wife has a work phone and a personal phone and would like to use one pair to listen to music on the personal phone but still answer calls on the work phone.

It does, from the MDR-XB650BT Help Guide:

The headset can be paired with up to 8 devices

This shouldn’t be confused with using the devices simultaneously, though, if that’s your question. AFAIK, while you can “pair” with multiple devices, you can only be connected to one device at a time.

Reviews are very mixed, with most of the complaints about the weakness of the yoke that holds the earcups. It tends to crack and break, anywhere from one month to 18 months (6 months beyond warranty).

Also, this headphone sells for both $129.95 (as mentioned), or $54.95. Absolutely no idea what the difference is, if any. So, it’s a $9-off sale - not as impressive.

So what tomd51 is saying is the answer is ‘‘NO’’ So can’t your wife listen to music on her work phone like I can ? If not …maybe she can set up her work phone to forward all her calls to her personal phone ? Good luck.

Almost pulled the trigger on this deal. These headphones were in a 3-way tie for 18th out of 20 in the ratings by Consumer Reports of Wireless home/studio style stereo headphones. Their rating of 40 was well below the top rating of 76 and also ratings of 66-71 for similarly priced headphones.