Sony Portable CD Cassette Boombox

I wooted one of these the last time. It works, but it is pretty basic. You’re going to get essentially monophonic sound, I can barely detect any channel separation.
As the box is jet black and the markings embossed, you’ll have to memorize the buttons if you expect to use it in the dark.

That said, it works, it’s light and it’s hard to find anything with a cassette anymore.

Does it get loud enough to use it in a noisy environment like a busy lunch room?

Wow! Where did Woot find this? This thing belongs in a museum!

Their former warehouse manager had a pallet of them stashed in the back of a warehouse near Odessa, TX and they were only found when he was caught stealing Dyson V6 vacuums and Patriots Pantry survivalist foods. So, they had to do a complete inventory and found his ‘retirement plan’. Apparently he was going to sell them to hipsters on ‘LetGo’…