Sony Speaker Dock for iPod & iPhone

If you plan on buying the iphone 5 I hear you’ll need to buy an adapter for it to work with a classic set up like this.

“…but mom, the speaker is staring at me!”

Does it work with an iPhone 5? Or the even better Nokia Lumia 920?

Nope - the adapter won’t make it work. The adapter won’t play the audio back through.

It will play the audio still, just fine (Even in the article you linked, there’s an update stating this).

What won’t work is the ability to control the iPhone/iPod through the dock itself or its remote control. That’s definitely a loss, but considering that all these docks are being dumped for cheap since the iPhone 5 was announced, if you don’t care about the external controls, you can get a pretty good deal.

The adapter will allow it to work. The article you linked to even says that. You won’t be able to control your iPod/iPhone from any outside player though.

Yes, you will. The two functions the Lightning to 30-pin adapter WON’T support are Video-Out and “iPod Out” a feature that not many things took advantage of (BMW drivers are the largest group of people affected by this). A special mode that uses a combination remote control/video out to control the iPhone/iPod as well as display it’s menus on another screen. Standard USB ports on car stereos as well as docks will work fine. The reason the adapter is $30 is because it has a DAC inside it for audio out. And it passes through controls. Just not certain special ones that not many devices used, apparently.

But how does it sound? Is it a good value

I have one that I paid 60 dollars for back in March. I had the last generation too. They sound great for an alarm clock. Nothing that can blow away a room full of people though. This one does sound better than the last generation though and I like the swivel hinge though I did break one this year. I broke my last clock too cause I ended up wearing my headphones while connected to the dock so I didn’t bother my wife one good tug one night and the dock was dead… but this was before the newer movable hinge. I did break one the same way or it was just faulty as it would work intermittently with my iPhone 4S.

I bought this model but a couple of generations ago, maybe like 2 years ago. The sound is good and can get fairly loud and fill a room. It’s alarm clock so obviously there’s no bass, but the X-bass tries. Not too tin-y for speakers of this size. I would def buy it at this price, especially considering I paid a bill when it was new.

Now that the old 30-pin interface is antiquated, I’m surprised they’re selling it for such an obscene amount. Divide the price by 10 and you might have something worth getting as a keepsake of bygone days.

With the millions and millions of existing iThings out there I’m sure there is a market for this. Remember, this is for the Pod too, not just the Phone, so while some will surely be updating their Phones in the coming weeks, there are still plenty of Pod People who would find this a useful item. If the comments so far are any indication, this price is a significant mark down from previous offerings.
Woot! it up iPeople…

I can certainly tell you that there is not a DAC inside the adaptor. Not that it really matters in this instance, but the DAC itself is in the phone circuitry. The adaptor is just that - a 30 pin to lightning adaptor.

I’m guessing that in the older phones, the 30 pins were used up by seperate data in/out functions - and the lightning supports 2 way connection. Thus, leaving out some of the pins. That is just a guess though, and might explain why you can push sound out, but not data in by using the adaptor

I LOVE the album on the iPod they show in the pic. Nice choice!!

Does the connector protrude out. I have a Speck case, and not all docks will fit with the case on.

Can anyone opine on how well the radio function works on this device? I am more looking for a radio that will play an ipod than a dock that has a “radio” that only gets static. Thanks for any insights.

Does the iPhone charge while it is on this base?

can you attach an ipod nano to this? my daughter has been asking for an alarm clock/speakers for her nano.

I found this link that has a video on function and use of this exact item. They’re selling them for $99. Seems like a great product.