Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat, Blue

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Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat, Blue
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7/20/2016 - $24.99 - Click To See Discussion (10 comments)

Reviews over at Wayfair

We hung one of these from a ceiling beam in our house, and we love it.

My son and I are both Aspergerians, and we find it good for both calming and sensory seeking.

It’s quite comfortable, although we usually don’t bother with the “cushions”, which are actually a bit small.

Anyone know where to get the hanging hardware for this (along with instructions)? The wife wants one, but I’ve never hung anything under the deck before.


I plan on just going to my local hardware store, explain to them what I intend to do with it (I’m going to suspend ours underneath our deck so we can enjoy it on our lower patio). Pretty sure the folks there will know what hardware to tell me to get and can also give me some instructions. I also Googled “hanging a hammock chair” and came up with quite a few YouTube videos!

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I ordered this last time and it came without cushions. Woot support didn’t understand and offered me $10 to go buy cushions.Their 2nd offer was $15 which I accepted simply to end the issue.

Available at Amazon for $29.99 with Prime. So, same price after shipping (unless you buy > 1).
But good reviews there.

[MOD EDIT] Different colors.

Wayfair lists the MSRP on this as $45.99. Wow. Really wish Woot would be more realistic about how amazing these deals are. It’s a savings. But it isn’t anywhere close to 69% off.

Any hardware store should have hardware for hanging swings, or at the very least, rope or chain. What you use to hang it will be determined by where you want to hang it from (a beam, a swing set, or a big, sturdy tree branch, for instance). Make sure whatever rope, chain, and/or swing hanger is rated to hold the weight you plan on putting on it. Just because the swing can hold 265 pounds doesn’t mean you can put that much on it if whatever you hang it with will only hold 50 pounds.

How many cushions are included? The description says “Hammock is paired with back support and two seat cushions.” But Specs say one cushion.