in for one

If you love something let it go. If it comes back to you by way of hobbit it’s yours…

I have so many LOTR fans in the family. Do you guys think this is too cutesy for young boy (7)?

It’s not too cutesy for this 26 yr old man!! :smiley:

don’t get me wrong- I love this shirt. However, I feel like if these two were to procreate we’d end up with an flaming orange version of this…

minus the clothing, of course.


Ah. Doesn’t get much nerdier that posting xkcd comics in the Woot forum. I love it.

I’m starting to think that shirt.woot loves fan fiction. The monsters from rampage making out, sub zero and raiden sitting down to a nice dinner, and now this?

I love it. The one thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is that the writing is supposed to be on the inside of the ring, not the outside. It just looks wrong. But the concept is great!

Who knew Mordor would be so progressive?

I picked up my staff, I went lookin’ for a place to hide;
When I saw Sauron and the Ring walkin’ side by side.
I said, “Hey, Sauron, come on, let’s go to Hobbiton.”
He said, “I gotta flee Middle Earth, but m’friend can stick around.”

So pumped this made it, and #1 even! Congrats. In for one!

My sister (who is obsessed with this series) got me the Crazy Straw shirt last week for no apparent reason. I might get this for her as a Tolkien of my appreciation…

You should probably watch the films again. The writing is on BOTH the inside and the outside, but the outside is where it’s legi-holy crap I’m a nerd.

do the woots by state take into account the shipping location, or the billing address?

i haven’t seen a good shirt in almost 16 months!!!

This is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with Woot’s copywriting. But seriously, when would Sauron ever come in contact with an Uruk-hai? His own orc forces couldn’t even manage to take Merry and Pippin from Saruman’s. What would an Uruk-hai be doing so far southeast?

What happened 16 months ago that made you go blind?

wow i didn’t expect this to win first, i was thinking maybe third.

The only reason I didn’t buy the shirt is because my friends would make fun of me if I wore it. Not because it’s nerdy, but because the words on the ring are not what’s supposed to be there. We’re like those kids from Role Models, lol.

My first shirt from Woot and my first quality post on the same day?

I love you Tolkien. (& patrickspens)