Speakman Reaction 2.5 GPM Shower Head

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Speakman Reaction 2.5 GPM Shower Head
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It’s a Speakman . . . Where’s the speaker?

I’ve had one of these for about three years now and love it. Works phenomenally well for low pressure showers and perfectly fine for standard pressure. Worth nothing that most semi-soft water will leave you craving a day’s soak in CLR (or some other de-calcifying solution) after a couple of years just to clear up the deposits, but that’s true of any shower. Highly recommend for the value.

There are now many heads with small rubbery outlets. You rub them with your finger and the deposits break up. Used them for years because of our well water.

This shower head works as advertised. Maintains a constant and steady stream of water regardless of any fluctuation in pressure.

The one downside I’ve found is that the head will trap water, which will occasionally drip for awhile after it is shut off.

Still, it’s the best shower head I’ve owned.

MDragon - how’s the noise level? I have found in the past that low flow or low pressure shower heads are noisy, and the increased ‘blowing’ tends to suck the curtain into the shower area.

BullS***, won’t ship to CA, but I can order the same from Amazon and it will ship. Who’s running this place.

I don’t find it to be noisy at all, but that’s kind of subjective. I, too, have had one of these for a couple of years. If you’re the kind of person that likes to vary the showering experience, this isn’t the head for you, as it only has one setting. However, as others have noted, it offers a nice firm spray, and it also has a great aesthetic to it. I’d highly recommend it.

It doesn’t make any noise, other than the water hitting whatever, and it doesn’t cause air movement. I love there. I replaced all heads in my house, and a four-unit apartment house. No tenants have complained, and they all say they’re good.

CA lowered the GPM requirement a couple years ago. We have to comply.

Never mind, but I don’t understand why one company can ship it to CA, and another “department” of the same company can not.

Gotta love CA. They are going to regulate themselves into oblivion.

Bought it, it’s fine. Good value, but nothing too special.

California went through a 5 year drought and this year isn’t looking well on the low side. Nearly 40 million residents and the sixth largest economy in the whole world, there are aspects that have a much larger impact here versus other states.

Low lead and lead free requirements for plumbing products started here. Likewise, we had laws limiting formaldehyde (a carcinogen) in wood products for over a decade now; EPA has postponed the enactment for the rest of the country yet again last year.

I don’t mind these regulations, y’know!

(FWIW, California pays more to Federal than they receive back in assistance.)