Speck SeeThru iPhone Case - 4 Pack

Thats what someone said last woot-off when these pieces of crap were 99 cents!

OK, now I’m jealous of those guys!! Are you talking about the redhead holding the sword or are we talking about a real picture??

Oh, FINALLY!!! Another Goddess!!!

I have no fear either, and although I’m really nice to noobs…everyone else is fair game, but they just don’t seem to mind…must be something about being a w00t goddess?

Yummy, cut me in for 3…


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, this is hillarious, price: 49 cents… shipping $5… its kinda weird that shipping a huge plasma TV, and shipping 4 tiny pieces of …well… colored plastic:)… cost the same… it doesnt make sense^o)

Wish it was for the 3G.


What happens when you press ctrl alt 1337 anyways??

Yeah well I am a dude, and girls hit on me all the time, and my oldest daughter took after me in the looks. And I am a BIG DUDE. hey, guys are called hotties by women. The boys I have to beat with a stick off the door are looking for my daughter.

i’m in for one. i’ve done my part, now can i please have a bunch of cannoli?

are these new or refurbished?

He beeps.

crap next?

BOO! WHY NOT 3G!!!???!!!

bought 3…was going to buy 1, but for $1 more I figured I’d help this move along

It is surprising how infrequently talking will remove hair and debris from your cell phone.

I think these interfere with the iphones proximity sensor, and prevent the phones screen from turning on after a call.

I suppose if next they put up a cookpot or a remote control toy tank, that guy will ask “Will it work with Zune? Will it work with Zune?”

On a different note… even though this item is only 50 cents… shipping is still $5! Shipping is ten times the price of the item itself!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My first Woot Off, I was so excited this morning…not so much now!

I got three and then read it wasn’t for the 3G. Guess I’ll have to put them up for trade or eBay… any takers