Spectrum 61-Note Electric Keyboard with Microphone and Stand

YES! Now I just need to write some lyrics to chopsticks!

“Chocolate Rain…”

Is it wrong to almost want to buy it just to have it so I look cool?

$129 at Target

Product Website

I’m in the recording studio making an album as I write this. My keyboard player looked at this deal and said, “Well, it’s a $99 keyboard. If it does MIDI it’s a good deal.” Does it do MIDI?

Does anybody know if this plays loud enough without external speakers to accompany singers - solo or chorus?

$129-$179 from other vendors

If I buy one of these, will I feel like the fourth Jonas brother?

Why would you want to ???

I’m amped…just discovered woot.com I love it! Wish someone in my family had a keyboard on their wishlist…what a great deal!
(Don’t volunteer to join the family just to get one free from me…believe me, you’ll regret being part of this family tree!)

Dear Amazon,
Please return Woot back. We did not approve the sale and we miss our old Woot. If we wanted to buy your crap, we know the website!
Thank you

Back in the good ol Woot days, Staff would have photoshop’d a screaming monkey playing the keyboard.

Cool item!!

But where do you sit?

Heavy Duty Adjustable Keyboard Bench

You’re wee little square will change colour!

It doesn’t have a MIDI port on the back, so…no?

The product may (or may not) be lousy, miserable snotballs, but the write-up was fantastic. Thanks for the chuckle, woot writers!

Well, there you have it. He says it’s a great starter keyboard for learning. You will not make every sound on earth, but if you want to learn piano or just get quick notation ideas, it’s a good starter. He’s been playing keys professionally for 12 years, so I’m going to take his advice.

Dear Customers,

Please stop thinking that Amazon fired all of our purchasers and replaced them with Amazon drones.

Thank you!

PS: I don’t think you’re speaking for the entire crowd here. Just saying. :tongue: