Sphero Original BB-8


Sphero Original BB-8

I got one of these last time they came up. Hilarious little toy, my cat decided she had to play with it until it started playing with her




The email says this deal is for “BB-8 and a Force Band Bundle” for $39.99, and so does the title of the page, but it only lists specs and details for BB-8 only (no force band) and it says the price is $29.99. Which one is true? And don’t give me any of this “from a certain point of view” nonsense. :wink:

Regardless, at this price I don’t think I can resist getting one any longer.

Edit: what is the force band anyway?

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The band is a gyroscope band/watch that lets you control BB-8. It can go away, come closer, spin, and stop.

I would also like to know if it’s included, because it runs for $17.

Hi all. Sorry for the confusion. The sale seems to have been updated and no longer includes the Force Band. I’m trying to find ou5 more information.

PS: got confirmation that the original sale was incorrect. The band should not have been included in this offer. Again, sorry for the confusion.


This is a great price for this fun remote-controlled BB-8, even without a controller, it’s easy enough to use your phone and the app is fun, though remember that it’s the app that produces any sounds, the BB-8 itself has no speaker. I recently picked this up off ebay from an authorized reseller and it came in Sphero brown box packaging meant for refurb units, so I think they’re working on selling these off now that they’ve decided to stop making them and/or lost the Star Wars license.


I’ve been making new heads for my BB-8. BWAHAHA!


I got mine today but I can’t get it to connect to the app. Anyone got any pointers?

If you don’t figure it out, try contacting Sphero. They may have some ideas.

Thanks, I sent them an email yesterday. Hopefully I get a response today.

Sadly, returning for refund. BB-8 came in a certified refurbished box but was nonfunctional. I have a BB-9e (and R2-D2 and R2-Q5 as well) so know what to expect and this BB-unit definitely has a bad motivator.

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Blast. I’m sorry BB-8 was a dud.

I stashed mine but I guess I should go check it. Thanks for the warning.

I don’t ‘like’ that your BB-8 isn’t functional but I do ‘like’ your bad motivator comment. :slight_smile: