St. Julian Founders Mixed Case (12)

Hooray St. Julian! Our local winery :slight_smile:

sounds interesting…anyone have tasting notes? The red says earthy aromas…does it taste earthy?

Didn’t know Michigan produced wine?!!?!! Hope it is better than some of the vehicles it has produced in years gone by.

St Julian Founders Mixed Case

$89.99 (Normally priced 123.00, 27% off list)

5 NV Founders Red 750ml
5 NV Founders White 750ml
2 Founders Pride Dessert Wine 750ml
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This woot-off has me needing a case of wine. Do they have same day delivery?

Any tasting notes?

Haven’t had any of the St. Julian wines offered today, but I bought their 2010 Riesling Offering a while back and sorry no real tasting notes, all I can remember is that everyone liked it and I have a “would buy again” note beside it on my list.

No Connecticut shipping…probably for the best, would have made the 3rd case in a week!

Michigan produces lots of great wine(s): Just don’t drive one of their fabulous cars after drinking some of them.

Third St. Julian offering in this woot off. (sigh)

$8.50 per bottle on their site with a 10% discount if you buy a case. I’m failing to see the deal. Also, I won’t be forced to buy a case or that much white whine which I’m probably never going to drink…

Nancie here again, St. Julian’s winemaker!!!

Both of these wines are easy drinkers. With a touch of RS (0.5%) the little amount of sugar rounds out the natural acidity we get here in Michigan. These are great blended wines and both are Gold Medal Winners!!!

Founder’s Red: Creamy mocha, spice, and earthy aromas are dense and deep. A round, satiny entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity full body of ripe plum, black cherries, and black raspberry flavors with a long juicy and balanced tannin fade. A wonderfully fresh and delicious red to serve with almost any meat or on its own as an aperitif. The perfect for the “new” red wine drinker.

Founders White: Elegantly fruity aromas of papaya, peach custard, and honey with a fruity light-to-medium body and a long, juicy apricot sorbet, green apple skin, and a tart citrus finish. Fantastically balanced and utterly delicious, this wine is a super refreshing and fruity, crowd pleasing sipper.

It would be nice if the wine maker would tell us the varietals that compose these blends and the % in each blend.

Does that price include shipping?

Founders Pride is a blend of Frontenac Port, Solera Cream Sherry and 9 year aged Brandy.

Frontenac is a high acid Minnesota hybrid varietal that is great for making port. The acid/sugar balance with the alcohol is superb. We then blend this port with our award-winning Solera Cream Sherry. Our Solera system was started in 1973, so this wine is the best of the best, winning more medals than any other wine in Michigan. Jances Robinson was quoted saying this wine was as good or better than the sherry’s coming out of Europe! We also blend in a touch of our 9-year aged sherry, which is made and aged right in St. Julian’s Distillery!

Founders Pride: Deep garnet color leads to butterscotch and rich caramelized nut aromas follow through to a silky, fruity medium-to-full body of hazelnut flavors with a distinct sherry note. Finishes with an amazingly long fade of Navaho blackberry and Black Tartarian cherry, classic flavors of Frontenac Port. Absolutely scrumptious and made for lengthy enjoyment. A delicious powerhouse of flavor!

Ask and you shall receive!

Here are “approximate” percentages…
Founders Red:
40% Chancellor
30% Chambourcin
10% Merlot
10% Cabernet franc
10% Cabernet sauvignon

Founders White:
30% Seyval blanc
30% Vidal
20% Vignoles
15% Chardonel
5% Chardonnay

Founders Red and White are $8.49/bottle. The Founders Pride is $19.21!

Fun Fact: St. Julian was founded in 1921!

Total for 12 bottles from the winery = $123.32 + shipping!

So Thank You Wine.Woot for a great deal!

Anyone ever had the “chancellor” grape? Interesting history:

Damn, I would really have wanted to get this… Hope they bring it back at some point…