Stalwart Extra Large Electronic Digital Safe

Stalwart Extra Large Electronic Digital Safe

Is this fire and/or waterproof?

Looking at the door in the pictures, I’m going to say no. In fact I wouldn’t even call this a safe so much as a cabinet with a lock that’s compensating for something.


At 42.2 lbs, what’s to keep someone from just stealing the entire safe?

I have one of these but without a name brand.
It definitely isn’t waterproof, especially if you have it sitting on the floor because the door doesn’t have a seal or anything to keep water out.
It is pretty thick metal, so I would say it would be fireproof to an extent. I don’t think it would protect your valuables in a totally engulfed house fire.

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Looks like it is a joke… just buy it to have a metal box to put stuff in that you don’t need to be secure.

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Bolt it to the wall and/or floor using the provided holes in the case.

If safe is locked and batteries die, how do you get it open?

Use the key.

It has a low battery indicator so it doesn’t die suddenly.

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“Equipped with 2 manual override keys, you will never have to worry about getting locked out of your safe if you forget the code”

Do not do this.

Do, however, hide the keys somewhere not obvious to children and burglars.

Store your gold bullion in it…problem solved.

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If someone wants your stuff they are going to get it. Fire and flood is important. This falls short. You get what you pay for. Know your needs. Sentry.

Hello, woot.
I just recently broke the keypad on my current safe. (had it for like 3 years) It’s like the circuit board snapped under the force of my thumb pressing the button. It still works with the key, but this isn’t ideal.
Anyway, will you be putting these up for sale again soon?