Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

I bought one of Stamina’s rowers. Got it in January wore it out by May. Five months. It was a great Woot deal. Called Stamina. Can’t get the spring return assembly I need to fix it. Stamina doesn’t have it and doesn’t know when to expect it… Everything Stamina sells comes from China. Good luck with that!

Bluntly put, Stamina makes very few competitive models and I’ve never seen them on Woot. They’re not built for heavy usage or competitive usage, and instead are for someone who will do light work outs 3x a week at most. If you’re planning on using this daily or having multiple people use it daily and for hard workouts, you’ll get a few months out of it at best.

Their models are terrible for tall people, the rollers under the seats are weak, they have a lot of orbital action/play that higher end models won’t, they are very difficult to use at fast stroke rates, and the hydraulic pistons are destined to fail. The good thing is they are cheap, they are light and they are mainly compact compared to competition.

The 1205 is one of their weakest models on the market. Terrible pistons, low rowing position is extremely uncomfortable, and the short rail is unusable by anyone over 5’9".

The Body Track Glider is probably the worst model they make. The foot rests are garbage and will slip, the resistance is destined to fail and will noticeably drop off fast, the seat is extremely uncomfortable at best, and lastly the warranty is next to useless. Good luck dealing with Stamina for parts after the 90 day Woot warranty is up.

Do yourselves a favor and buy a quality machine rather than throwing away $200 on something that won’t last long at all.

You get what you pay for when it comes to rowers. No one who uses them every week would ever suggest any of the staminias.