Stamina 2in1 Exercise Bike Standing Desk

Stamina 2in1 Exercise Bike Standing Desk

Doesn’t look like the seat adjusts ? Im 5”10 so I’m asking so I know whether I’ll be comfortable on it or not

Late reply but the bottom picture shows the knob that you use to adjust the seat.

I have the non-desk version of this bike that has the elastic band arm things, I like the bike, but that desk is going to wobble like crazy. the bike wobbles slightly when peddling, not a concerning amount by any stretch, it’s just tall and skinny, and that long arm is going to amplify it. I can’t imagine trying to do anything on it. I made a simple stand out of 2x2s and 1/8" board for a “desk” for mine.

Can this be returned if it don’t fit my 249 pound 5 foot 11 inch body?

Assuming you can disassemble it, here’s our return policy: