Stamina Full Body Power Tower 1735

Stamina Full Body Power Tower 1735

The average USA male weight is 197lbs, so this basically allows one to max out at 200lb bench press.
Granted, that’s about 67 pounds more than the average male bench press, but doesn’t give a lot of room for improvement.

When your own bodyweight isn’t enough, just add some more weight. Wear a backpack with something heavy in it, hold a dumbell between your knees, or strap weight plates to a chain to hang off your waist.

You’re missing his point, @mediumsizedgiantant… “Weight on the bench not to exceed 400 lbs including user and weight.”

This isn’t about adding weight on pull ups or dips… its about the fact that you cannot bench more than 200 lbs on the flat bench.

If you weigh 200lbs, the bar weight 45lbs… you put two 45lb plates on the bar… that leaves you with 65lbs of additional free weight to work with. If you added on two 35lb plates, you’re over the limit.

In other words, this product is not for anyone even moderately serious about gains.

Normally $159.99 at Wally world so I’m not sure how this is a deal?

Oh, I see now.

This is the power tower. You appear to be talking about the bench, which has its own (different) discussion on the page for that product.