Stamina InMotion Compact Elliptical



Good Stuff! I have one of these! Be sure to Lubricate it with WD40 every once in a while otherwise it won’t last as long as you would like. Works great under a tall desk for working out and working/playing on your computer at the same time :smiley:


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Got an open box one for $50. It’s decent, but the stride length is very short. It’s good for working on balance in that respect.


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This is a great price. I’ve been looking at one of these on Amazon without the stretchy bands, and it’s $100 there!


Kind of interested in this because my knees are paying the price from years of doing the treadmill. But several reports of missing pieces (DVDs, pull cords, screws) from a previous sale. Model number is off by two, but it’s the same company:


So the specs say 250lbs, I weigh 265…do you think I would wear this out so quickly it wouldn’t be worth it? I do know a lot of products have low weights on the limits just because they know people like me will use it anyway. This looks like a great way for me to ease back into fitness with my bad knees and back.


Surprised to see something I bought is in the “Sport” category.
I use this most evenings under my “desk” (diningroom table) as I work from home. I especially like the counter, and the fact that it can go frontwards and backwards. It just seems to be more of a sort-of workout if I can do both. So far, so good.


How loud is it? I am stuck at my desk all day and this would be better than just propping my feet up if was quiet enough.


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It’s actually really quiet.

Got one without the resistance bands for the girl a couple years ago, and she loves it. I use it too.

After 2 years, when I’m standing on it, there’s a slight clicky sound on one side, but only when standing, not sitting, and that’s probably just a lubrication issue.

It was the perfect solution for helping her get low-impact exercise (she has fibromyalgia, and we’re baby-stepping her back to better health) in our small apartment.

Highly recommended, although what was said upthread about the short stride length is true. (How could it not be at this size!)


It’s very nice, but the thing weighs a ton, so try to find a place where you can use it and not have to move it much…unless you want to work out your arms too!


If you can use it while sitting that would be best until you get under the limit. My grandpa got on a step ladder once and he was over its capacity and the thing buckled and collapsed. It seems like these are fairly cheap products so I wouldn’t risk standing on it until I got underweight.


I would suggest using it seated for a period of time. At your size the first LBs lost are due to water–very likely you will fall into the wt parameters very quickly. Even seated this movement is great to stimulate the “juices” flowing up and down the spine. I have read that this kind of exercise is excellent for folks with neurological disorders, such as parkinson’s


i bought one of these a year or so ago based on the amazon reviews. i wanted to get something to give me a good cardio workout when the weather was too inclement for a run.

if you’re in decent shape, you’ll find it difficult to break a sweat with this machine. the stride length is incredibly short. it’s so short that even if you turn the resistance up very high, it just feels like walking in slow motion. i think the positive reviews on amazon are due to people liking an easy workout. you’d get a better workout doing jumping jacks.

i have found it very useful to keep under the computer desk. while it’s not good for a real workout, it is good for keeping your legs moving when sitting at the computer for an extended period. however, many companies (including inmotion) make exercise bicycle pedals that fit under a desk and cost much less.


I had one of these & just threw it out recently. It’s well made (very solid), but the short, mincing stride length was the deal breaker. It’s tough to get in any workout at all, with such a limited range of motion. A good idea, but it’s just too small to be useful.


That’s a stepper, this is an elliptical.