Stamina X Air Rower

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Stamina X Air Rower
Price: $299.99
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Anyone have experience? How loud is this? Can you hear a TV over it without turning up the volume? Can it be used in a basement without disturbing others?

Looks a little short in length… is there a hight requirement for this ride?

Most rowing machines seem short, but unless you have 4ft long legs, they’re one size fits all. As a rower, I highly recommend learning proper use/technique, as I see to many people try to use the machine and can hurt themselves (as with any workout equipment).

Check out this Youtube video on how to use the rowing machine.

Depends on how fast you row. Some machines are quieter than others, but if you get into it, and a steady pace is kept up, you will get the “whirring” noise at higher paces. If you just want something to keep you active, and working out the full body, you can have a tv on normal volume, while doing low resistance cycles and a gentle pace.

Hmm. I’m interested. But Amazon Prime has it for a hundy more, which means free two-day shipping and fairly easy returns.

250 weight limit seems kind of low for a high quality machine.

For Warranty purposes, 250-300 is listed as max weight on most rowers (some models do go higher)
However higher weights can still use this machine.

?Unless things have changed with Woot,shipping is still only $5.00!!-returns via Woot/Amazon are still fairly pain-free!!(IS it worth a extra $100?!!) JohnH