Stansport 11', 6-Person Inflatable Boat

Will this ship wit the Kershaw knives i just bought ? Hope not…


Ahoy’ Matey!!!

Trouble finding reviews online. Any feedback about durability and quality? Looking at a Sea Hawk for $690 that can hold an electric motor. I’m sure this one can’t but curious about comparable quality?

Can this boat really hold six people? It looks more like a two person boat especially considering it is only 11 feet long.

This uses accessories from the Sea Eagle SE9.

Here’s what you can expect to spend if you want to mount a motor on it:

Motor mount: $89
Motor mount seat: $135
Battery: $129
Circuit breaker (legally required): $35
Battery cables: $29
Motor: Anywhere from $150 to $1200
Floorboards (optional, but seriously needed): $150
Bench seat (optional, but look how much yer already spending): $80

Plus, most states require registration with DMV once it has a motor. The cost of this varies, but is usually around $35 per year.

That’s over $700 (way over, if you want a better than minimum motor) to spend on a $130 boat.

I bought this at the last Woot-off without knowing any of the above. As a result, it’s still in a box in the garage.

Yeah that getting close to the Sea Eagle 124 Fisherman Package. I think I’ll pass.

(By the way, it was a representative of the manufacturer themselves who informed me that the SE9 motor mount, floorboards, and seats would work on this. I’d read it elsewhere, but contacted Stansport to confirm. So that’s solid info.)

I’d like to see a photo with peoples in it. It does NOT look like it would fit 6 people comfortably.

I would get this if it were around $50… definitely get it if it’s $30. But definitely no when it’s above $60.

Definitely not. The 6-person thing is based mostly on weight. They’d have to be very, VERY friendly with each other.

It will be comfy for two people as is. Add a bench seat (which is really just a board with a pair of holes in each end for the rope to go through to hold it in place) and it will become comfortable for three.

It will hold four reasonably well, but they will feel a bit crowded.

By the time you get to five, I hope they are all very friendly and attractive to one another.

Six? Sure, as long as they are all about two feet tall.

I believe this is like the Navy Seals Assault raft, one leg in/one leg out.

Thanks for sharing!! I also bought this at a recent woot and was wondering where I can find acessories. I haven’t used mine, so I cannot comment on usability, but it was nicely packed and the oars appear to be of decent quality.

Here is a picture of something comparable -

And the sport.woot-off was pronounced dead at 11:25 AM.

Good call…I guess is time for lunch.

Little kids are people too! It’ll work for them.

I’d be in at $40 less. Kayak rentals at the nearby riverlake are only about $10 for all the paddling I care to do. I’m reticent to believe this would last beyond 12 outings.

That one is actually a foot longer and a foot wider than this one.