STKR Concepts Ceiling Light

STKR Concepts Ceiling Light

I bought this on a previous Woot for my garage. The motion sensor is incredibly sensitive, to the point I suspected it wasn’t turning off, since every time I opened the interior door to the garage, it was on before the door moved enough to see the light turning on. It wasn’t until I was reading a label in the garage, inadvertently standing stock-still, that I witnessed the light turn off.

The fact my wife complained how bright it was is a plus, as there’s very little shadowing in my garage now.

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How is this different than the myriad of sub $30 similar lights on Amazon that put out the same amount or more light?

I bought 3 of these for my basement several years ago. I returned them because the motion sensor was so sensitive it would read motion of anyone (or our dog) walking across the floor on the first floor, right above them. They were constantly turning on and off, even when no one was in the basement.