Stone Cold Dunkin’

What does it MEAN!?

Auugh, this is not helping me in my quest to not drive down to the Krispy Kreme down the street…

I’m fascinated that there’s no copyright issues here. Oh wait. EVERYBODY does this.

Woot said it themselves: “This one doesn’t really need to be made.”

I’d love to see the sales distribution by size on this one.

So, I’m guessing most of these sold will be size XL?


I hope that’s a chocolate cake donut…

I expect to see this show up in Random Shirt woots in the next few months.

Input/output donuts?

wow, such amazing artistry on this one. the detail is just INCREDIBLE. thumbs up!!!

XL??? That’s being diplomatic. :slight_smile:

this shirt is freaking hilarious. if only it wasn’t on white

I can see the artist wearily sitting before the computer, uttering “Time to make the t-shirts…”

Donuts, is there anything they can’t do? Besides make sense in that sentence, that is?

I would be far more amused by woot’s “this is actually a pretty stupid and terrible shirt” writeups if they weren’t also accompanied by selling a stupid and terrible shirt, and giving $1000 to someone who made a stupid and terrible shirt.

Too much thinking today. I read the design as “I owe donuts”.

To who? Friends? Loved ones? Cops? Would I be bribing cops? What did I do wrong to have to bribe cops in the first place?

I O DONUTS??! waaat?? O_oa

Night Two of my request for LONG SLEEVED SHIRTS.
Come on, we’re willing to pay more (for a good design, of course).
You don’t have to have a derby, just choose a good color, good shirt and good design. We don’t all live in Texas…it gets COLD in other places.