Storage Bed with 6 Drawers (Pick one)

Weight capacity is seriously only 500lbs? Once you get the mattress on and 2 fat people, you’ve already gone over the limit.

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Same Item on the mothership, more reviews.

That’s some quality materials and construction there, Lou.

The PrePac products are made of poor quality materials. Pressboard and the like. They don’t wear well and the drawers are weak.

based on half the width of the King size version, the drawers could be 36" or so in depth. They’re only 18" deep. Good quality hardware would make deeper drawers possible. They must be going with the cheapest hardware and therefore wasting a lot of potential storage space.

Save yourself the time and frustration. Well below IKEA quality, it didn’t hold up to my 6’ 200lb frame for more than a couple months before it taco’d in the middle and became very uncomfortable. Wouldn’t take the time to assemble another piece from this company if it were given to me for free

Adding my 2 cents: agree with everyone else. My husband & I aren’t huge, nor do we have the most exotic athletic sexytimes, and the crossbrace pieces both splintered within 6 months. Don’t bother.

Wasn’t sold out out until the last second, but stats and the last person to buy haven’t changed for hours. What a joke…