Striker Concepts Dual LED Flashlight

Striker Concepts Dual LED Flashlight

Absolute crap. Terrible user interfaces. Forces you to cycle through all the modes between on and off. It’s a simple cheap cree LED which can be found in $5 flashlights. Lastly the driver can only push this flashlight to it’s max lumens for TEN SECONDS. After that, you get throttled to a much lower brightness. Womp womp.

It’s pretty standard these days that LED flashlights IPX7 rated, where this flashlight does a fantastic job of hiding the fact it’s only IPX6 rated. They simply say “waterproof” which is incorrect. It can stand up to light rain, but don’t drop it in a bucket or toilet and expect it to work after. Really sad product.

If you want a high end flooder; look at the emisar D18.
If you want a high end thrower; look at the noctigon K1
If you want a reasonably price every day carry look at any of the following:
-Zebralight SC64w
-Emisar D4V2
-Lumintop Edc18

Want to learn more about what flashlights are out there that are highly recommended? Look here:

When it comes to flashlights I highly recommend staying at 5000k color temperature or lower and to try and get a flashlight with at least 90 Color Rendering Index. Anything lower than that starts to really become subpar by today’s flashlight standards.

Lastly can we please focus on the point that this flashlight is only $6.70 more on Amazon prime AND the Amazon prime item provides a gun mount kit with extended pressure switch and piccany rail mount.

So Amazon wins again where uninformed buyers continue to lose. <- Make sure you select the 10.0 option if you plan on ordering it.

I wouldn’t buy this from Woot for $30 let alone $65 and I own a ton of flashlights.