Sun Joe SPX202C Cordless Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX202C Cordless Pressure Washer

I own two Sun Joe pressure washers and this one has been my favorite so far:

Though you need to purchase a legit longer hose if you don’t want to be cursing every 15 minutes when you get tangled or knock it over:

This one on Woot looks like a joke to me. Ridiculously low GPM and PSI. I would consider it nearly worthless in the range of pressure washers. It also cost more on Woot than I paid for double the spec sheet from Amazon.

$69 Sun Joe 1900 PSI 1.60 GPM

So 1900 PSI instead of 725, 1.6 GPM instead of 1.0 GPM, and half the cost basically.

Battery powered pressure washer is a bad idea. A 15-30 minute run time is what you should be expecting with the Woot version realistically which is a joke.