Sunpak Magic Sound Box

I bought the sunpack sound box last time around. It does help get normal sound out of my Samsung S3…Not ear-blasting, but fine for easy listening. It works well with the plug into the phone, could not get any results without the direct link. Worth the few dollars.

I bought two of these the last time around. I finally gave them to my children (ages 10 and 13) yesterday, on Easter. The kids have iPods, not smart phones. They both love this item. The 10 year old pulled up a song on his iPod, turned on the speaker, and placed the iPod on top. Voila, louder sound. He spent the next half hour figuring out that there is only one correct way to orient the iPod on top of the Sound Box. The long axis of the iPod must be aligned with the long axis of the Sound Box, and the “bottom” edge of the iPod must be over the Magic Sound Box label. Any other orientation and it doesn’t work.

Overall, worth the $9.99 asking price: half an hour entertainment for our budding engineer, and the sound is loud enough the for the children without being painful for us.