Sunpak Magic Sound Box

Review on GadgetTell, which gave me a better idea of what this thing does.

I still miss Doug Henning.

Good to know that even after reading woot’s descriptions I’m not the only one who still has no idea what some of these things do.

Think of it as a natural amplifier. pretty much a hollow box with some strings that help with vibrations and produce more sound from what I can tell


Cool for $10 except 1 of the 3 I bought last time didn’t work for usb power, only batteries. The usb port was rattling around loose inside of it. Expect sound similar but just a bit better then a good cell phone but a fair amount louder plus a little separation (still mono though) with the 2 speakers.

high visibility for joggers? …
wait, what?
is that a joke or is there something about this thing that makes it for joggers?

I’m there, too. I can’t decide how this Woot! writer came up with “high-visibility protection” as one of the benefits. Was the writer making an incredibly subtle reference to the fire shown in the first video? Did the writer want to say that you’ll be loud so you’ll be noticed? That something loud is visible?

This sort of sounds like it was run through some really crappy translation program on the Net.

Will this work with a Kindle Fire?

I like how the guy in the video complains he can barely hear the music, and how he has it “turned up about as loud as it can go”… then we get to see the volume slider is at ~40%.



[MOD: Love Animaniacs. That needs to be embedded.]

I was more intrigued by the links to other stories directly under the review…

As for the Magic Sound Box, it still doesn’t really explain how it works. Thus the reason it’s Magic I guess!

It’s just an induction circuit with an amp. Describing it like an acoustic guitar is misleading - it’s more like a microphone. Imagine a PA systems with a corded mic, amp, and speakers. This just puts the whole thing into a little box.

I’ve had one for a few months. My kid uses it to play music from an iPod to sleep by, and at the lowest volume setting it’s perfect for that. It was also used during Halloween for some background sound effects on the porch.

I’ve changed the batteries once in that time, so consider 3-4 hours every night for probably 3 months on a set of batteries.

Don’t expect any kind of audio quality more than you’d get from a plastic box - but for background noise or just a little ambient sound, it’s just fine.

I ain’t writing home about it, but it is better than my phone speaker. I was thinking I got mine for a fiver, which was a good price for something I didn’t really need.
Actually my biggest gripe is that the speakers are completely naked. All it will take is one nine year old coming by and poking the speakers with his fingers - " Does the noise come out of the silver things?"