SuperFat Nut Butters, 6 Pack

SuperFat Nut Butters, 6 Pack

Can someone please do some of the math on this?

Super fat + nut butters != 6 pack.
6pack + nut butters == super fat.
Super fat + 6 pack == a good drunk time on a Friday night. And probably a bit of the latter if you play your cards right and aren’t picky.


$1.34 per oz
Both Mother ship and vendor site sell the big packs for $2.10 per oz so this would be less!

I eat nut butters (full disclosure: I have never tried this brand) but prefer the individual packets instead. Yes those have a higher price per oz of course but who wants to have to weigh out a single serving from the big packs every tine?

Btw they do also sell the individual packs but those are 2.33/oz.

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This brand is top notch for flavors. I got a few of them from the grocery store awhile back and every flavor was good. The one complaint I have about this kind of packaging is that I had to rip the pack open to get the last little bits out of the spout and top. This is a great price point for the larger version of the smaller packets, as Jksquared did the maths on it.