Support Your College Team

No Cincinnati Bearcat love?! The wife is in a master’s program there and was expressing interest in some UC stuff, but I guess not from here.

The KU is super tiny in the picture compared to the other ones.

Am I the only one that thinks forcing your team mascot to hang on for dear life outside of the vehicle is a bit on the mean side?

Considering buying my school’s rivals instead.

Hey now! Our Mississippi teams did fairly well this year, yet we are still getting no respect. I have one of each…a Ole Miss Rebel and a MS State Bulldog, but I can’t find a thing for either of these two teams…one of which finished in the top ten this year…just saying.

Why does Woot hate the ACC?

I don’t get it. There are 4 ACC teams represented. Most of the ACC teams don’t have real mascots. The only good one they left out, as far as I can tell, is the BC eagle.

Oregon has more than one team, why is there never any OSU Beavers stuff offered?

The oregon and bama ones look just like their players as Ezekiel Elliot ran bye them. They need to get some of that B1G speed. O-H!

why does it look like all the tails are on backwards?


The question is… will I even get this in time? :slight_smile:

Texas A&M Reville looks more like a gray wolf instead of a tan and white Collie. :frowning:

O H…


Wondering if this metal would really hold up outdoors…has anyone used solar powered items such as this?

Must be specifically designed for KU fans to display during football season.

Well to be honest the GT Yellow Jackets knocked Miss St out of the top 10 if you look at the AP poll. Go Jackets!!!

And BTW why is there no Georgia Tech stuff???