Survival Seed Vault by Patriot Seeds

Best by 2022 ? Seriously? That’s not a seed vault lol. I can do the same thing by going to any place that sells heirloom seeds and make my own vault super cheap.

While I am not a “prepper”, and did not purchase these for “survival”, I did purchase them about 2 years ago because it offered a good assortment of heirloom seeds at a reasonable price. As a gardener, I highly recommend these. In contrast to the seeds that I purchased from Park Seed this year, the Patriot packages not only contained a generous amount of seeds, but had a very good germination rate (the Park seeds did well to achieve a 50% germination rate). In addition to being good performers in my garden, I really like the packaging. Each seed packet is made of sturdy plastic mylar with a zip closure rather than the thin paper that comprises most seed packets (ensuring that, by the time you plant and water-in your seeds, the packet now housing your unused seeds resembles nothing so much as a very colorful pile of pulp). When you are finished with the seeds, all packets fit nicely back into the tin, which can then be taped closed for airtight storage.

This is 10 bucks. How much are you saving, exactly?
Seems to me a pretty good deal if they’re high quality seeds.

they left the ganga seeds. What kind of survival is this? Do you have to wait until you can harvest the corn and make a still?

Yeah, I seen that too and got a little chuckle.But for people who have raised nothing more then planting bulbs in the flower bed, growing “food” is a different game all together. Wife and I was talking about this last night while she watched “The Voice” and I was reading Surviver Edge and seen a section on seeds. Never thought about it but might just pick up some supplies (and seeds) and see if what I remember back in my teen years growing up on a farm if I paid attention to my dad’s methods LOL. But in all honesty, if you live in the city or urban area, on a postage stamp lot, I’d suggest you double the amount of food you are storing because you are not going to get much out of trying to grow a garden.