Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes (40)

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes (40)

could think of a few times these would be handy, esp if unscented & biodegradable.
the price is a bit stiff at $225 for 40 single use items or $5.64 each.
any chance they would come down some?

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Yeah this one seems off. @ThunderThighs @lioncow

oh, this is $22.95 on their site now.


Probably a set-up error, but we’ve got to wait for Texas to wake up.

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we only have 14 days…

I’m pretty sure they can reset the timer. But we’ll blame @davejlives.


Would you be so kind as to review this price?
Looks like maybe 1 digit too many?..


HOW ABOUT $11.99?

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Poop Running Late GIF by CompanyCam

I’ll take 2, please!

Going to make stashable “quick clean kits” for some messy people I know.

(baggy, gloves, paper towels & one of these babies)

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The company is from Chicago, but they are shipped from NJ. So had mine in 2 days. Good job, Woot!

Opened one just to see what it’s like and It’s OK.
Can handle a quick hand & face or surface wipe off, but the 6 ft reviewer who said 1 could do it for his whole body, that’s hard to believe.
Also not as effective with greasy messes. (just happened to have one…)

So glad I have something on hand, not racing to stock up.

Thanks for the discount, Thunder Thighs.

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There is nothing significantly better about these biodegradable wipes (other than fancy looking packets that incorporate "survival in their name) that would justify a premium price. Yes, even after that Monster discount you’re getting. Everything is not a great deal.

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