Swiss Army Nomad One-Hand-Open Knife

**Item: **Swiss Army Nomad One-Hand-Open Knife
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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10/24/2013 - $19.99 - 33 comment(s)

10/29/2013 - $19.99 (Woot Plus)

Wow pretty sure ive seen this knife on woot page main deals and sub deals a few times hoping they would actually start lowering the price to get some actual deals again but it seems like its always the same model for everything…

Sell something for normal price on woot main
that fails sell on sub deals on one of the other woot pages
still not sold sell for same price on sellout woot
that fails sell on woot off for same price
repeat until out of inventory.

I want to see a Swiss Army knife with a SIM tool and a stylus.

I bought one of these a few weeks ago from Woot and was disappointed. Unless you have very short and very strong fingernails, not to mention strong fingers, these blades, etc., are hard to open. Likewise the levers you must push to close these up again are also hard to operate. So unless you’re tougher than I am (not hard to be), I’d say think about this.

One thing i’ve always loved about Swiss Army knives is they all have a corkscrew!..which leaves the question:Does the Swiss Army drink a lot of wine?

The version I have (Trekker) has a Philips screwdriver there instead. My understanding is that it is basically the same design as the current Swiss soldier’s knife.

When I visited Switzerland, a soldier explained that only the officers’ knives have corkscrews. Guess the enlisted men get stuck with boxes o’ wine.

How It’s Made did an episode on Victorinox including a tour of their factory. It’s actually a pretty interesting episode. You can find it here.

Slightly related to this deal, the annual Victorinox warehouse sale is this weekend up in Monroe, CT. I went a few years back and scored a few great deals on watches, and one of those SwissCard wallet multitool thingies. It’s worth checking out if you’re local, but FYI, the line to get in usually takes an hour or more.

Bought a couple of them a few weeks ago. Very happy. Good price, solid knife.

In relation to the warranty, Victorinox is very good about fixing their knives without any hassle. I purchased some used keychain sized swiss army knives as Christmas gifts one year from ebay. One of the sides fell off of the one I kept for myself after banging around in my pocket for at least six months. I never did find it and I lost the tweezers or toothpick that was underneath it. I mailed it back to Victorinox with a note that simply said it had fallen off during normal use (which it had) and no receipt. It took a while (probably a month or two) but I got it (or an exact replacement-not sure) back good as new. No charges, no questions, no receipt, no hassle.

I too, purchased this recently on Woot. Extremely nice, particularly the one handed operation (takes practice),locking blade, and surprise locking bottle opener/flathead screwdriver. The fact that it’s serrated makes up for the lack of saw attachment. I’ve wanted one of these for awhile, but glad i waited for a deal. Lifetime warranty is an awesome plus.

@stazja01, even if the shipping to them approached the cost of the knife, that is the kind of customer support worth rewarding.

I still have beautifully functioning 35 year old Victorinox knives. With wonderful ‘patina’ battle scars in the plastic covers. :wink:

'Not sure if it is still true, but Kelty (camping gear) used to be that way… I need to test them with a seam tear in my 35 year old external-frame pack! (Not looking forward to removing the frame pins and retaining rods.)

It looks like he linked to a newer model perhaps, but you are correct that link is MORE RIGHT

I got one when it was on sport.woot. Here is my take. It’s heavy, it’s sturdy and boy is the blade sharp. I just rubbed my thumb across the blade to get a bit of oil off it and shaved a thin sliver of skin off by accident. The rubberized outside is great and has a good feel to it. I can open it with one hand even though I have a bit of arthritis but takes a bit to get used to opening the other blades, it’s very well made in my opinion.

Does this come in a box. I’d like to give it as a gift?

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a sample so we’re not sure what type of box this will come in, but we have been told these will ship in a “retail box”.

Thanks Again Woot…you’ve managed to block all of NYS from ordering this product…I’m about as far away from NYC as you can get (Buffalo) but my zip code is still listed as restricted…are you ever going to fix this???

The one I ordered the previous time this was being sold here did come in a box. Not a gift box though, but as long as it’s wrapped or in a gift bag the presentation will still be fine for gift-giving purposes.