TacHawk X800 Flashlight

Save four bux


But when you click into the sale, it shows it at $15. :\

Sorry Woot,(Wootiees?) but I would not recommend buying this light unless it’s for small tasks like looking for keys to a door knob or something small. Great price for a very small task flash light though.

I’m a big time light nut and
I’ve bought all kinds/types. I’ve bought some that wound up not being that good and others that were exactly as expected. I quick comparison search on YouTube also resulted in my same thoughts.

Woot did sell a very nice LED Lenser brand, made in Germany? I mean really nice and really expensive if not bought on Woot. I guess they couldn’t get any more of those for whatever reason. With the advent of CREE lights you can get super bright flash lights anywhere for dirt cheap, but that doesn’t make them good either.

Again, my apologies in advance Woot employees, but some people really might depend on a light when it’s critical and it’s then critical to ensure they know what to expect :wink: