TAMO EDGE iPhone 7 MFI Battery Case


TAMO EDGE iPhone 7 MFI Battery Case


All other batteries I have purchased for my iPhone 5 and now 7 have a charging port on the unit that your Lightning cable plugs into. Not this one though. They include a micro USB cable. So now you put your phone into the battery case and it connects to the phone properly, but then you must have a micro usb cable to charge the external battery. Who came up with this idea? you already have Lightning cables for you phone, but they decide to use something different and now you need to carry another cable to keep your battery/case charged.


I’ve got one Apple lightning device, and scads of micro USB and Net2Dot micro USB mag connectors, so for me, the micro USB is a complete win. I’ve got one connector to rule them all and a mag connector (bought separately) makes it even easier.

Now as to why woot couldn’t send me the two black battery cases on my invoice, but instead sent two white/blue border ones along with some cheezy bluetooth “lost” tracker, is beyond me. Maybe, just maybe, they actually ran out and substituted…dunno.


I spent $60 on one from Anker a few years ago. It’s great to charge your phone for a while and get a full day, even with moderate use. $10 for a new one is a good deal, and most of us have lots of Mini USB lying around anyway. Just stow the Lightning cables until you upgrade your phone.