TAMO Forever Battery Case - iPhone 6/6s

The specs say 4,000 mAh but the Amazon product page says 2400 mAh. What’s the correct amount?

Per the vendor:
iPhone 6/6s extended battery case is: 2400Ah
iPhone 6+/6s Plus extended battery case is: 4000mAH

We’ll get the sales straightened out.

Buyer, be careful with this website. I bought “American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Connect Charge-2Pk”, but they shipped only one. Lucky that I check, and I complain them. Here is what they sent to me. Unfortunately, we do not have any replacements available to send you at this time due to a lack of inventory in our warehouse.

description says “ultra 360 degree protection” yet it lacks a screen protector! Certainly not “ultra 360-degree protection” without a screen protector!!!

worked one time, and then never worked again.

I’m sorry to hear that. Did you contact Mota? You have a 90-day warranty.