Targus 90 Watt Mobile Power Inverter

i’d buy one, but this thing just looks terrible ;/

It looks so 1980’s

Will this help me trap Slimer?


These are great! Buy 3! … I already have 2.


Everyone needs this power inverter… YOU BUY THREE NOW!!!

Am I the only one that thinks this thing is T-totally FUGLY?

I have one of these, or should I say had. It would short out all the time, never powered up anything.

pencil sharpener?

I think I could live without this.


This item always makes me think of Dr. Who.

what the dick is the banjo of consternation


My thoughts exactly!

The 1970’s called… they want their chasis back!


I’m in for one! That’ll be useful when we go on our road trip in September.