Teeter 800ia Inversion Table

I have some permanent skeletal “remodeling” from the days before I learned to respect the laws of gravity and inertia. I’ve had my Teeter since January and it’s wonderful for relaxing the kinks out of my back after gardening, weed-eating, lifting, housework … And I think having all that blood periodically rushing to my head is reducing the frequency of my Senior Moments as well. :slight_smile:

They now have inversion chairs which are supposed to have the same benefits with less risk and are much easier to use. Here is an example from Amazon for $160.


I bought this one, works perfect, I have had zero problems with it.
Inversion Table

I think they recommend having somebody there the first few times. I use my table all the time without anyone around though.

We do recommend that new inverters start with a spotter as they fine-tune their balance settings. Please only invert at a shallow angle like 20 to 30 degrees while you find your settings. This process will also help your body to acclimate to the movement of inversion.

Good one!

This says it has an “EZ-Reach™ Ankle System …extended handle reduces the need to bend when securing the ankles” but I really do not see that. It looks like any other table, you have to lean over to secure the ankles. I do not see an “extended handle”.
Does anyone know what this means? or better photos?

It can take time for your body to get used to inversion. After consulting with your doctor to see if inversion is right for you, please take a look at these tips to help prevent dizziness and nausea on our blog post: http://blog.teeter.com/faq/faq-4-ways-to-avoid-dizziness-while-inverting/

Thanks for the tip. That does look like something I can do. My favorite chair in the house is one of those “anti-gravity” yard chairs. This strikes me as a cross breed of inversion table and AG chair.

I’m going think about buying that…

If one of your problems is disc matter impinging on a nerve, this might help, it might help. Inversion would decompress discs, pulling them back into the spine and off of any nerves. At least that’s my understanding.

I think inversion could help spinal problems below the shoulders.

Inversion primarily targets the discs of the lumbar spine. That being said, we have had customers with radiating pain issues outside of the lower back who have found relief. Decompression can relieve pressure on the discs and can relieve pain radiating from a condition like a pinched nerve.

Results will vary from person to person. Please consult a physician before starting inversion therapy.


My dad purchased one of these and absolutely loves it!

I have had several inversion tables over the years and highly recommend them. I have this table but without the ankle lever. Mine has a pull pin to adjust the ankle lock. Other than the pull pin, it is the best inversion table I have ever owned. I am ordering this model for the convenience of the lever latch and also the lumbar back insert has disappeared on me. My dogs and rainy weather have ruined previous units.

I have the Teeter 550…very well constructed and solid. A quality product.

wait, I am confused I thought only Dyson refurbished products were sold here