Teeter EP-560 LTD Inversion Table

Teeter EP-560 LTD Inversion Table

It shows the model doing sit ups. I thought that wasn’t possible with these tables. Could the seller clarify?

I tried looking on amazon and I saw quite a few reviews saying it wasn’t possible. I was thinking about getting the Teeter EZ Chin Up with Gravity Boots instead, since I’d prefer the ability to perform core training exercises over just inversion.

situps? no - but these are great and do help your back!

Hi @halcyonandon and @timeshareguy!

Sit-ups can be done safely and securely thanks to the precision balancing of the table. Teeter inversion tables “lock” into full inversion, meaning that the table rotates slightly more than 180 degrees, allowing you to do sit-ups or inverted squats without the table bed moving. You can then “unlock” from full inversion and return upright with simple arm movements. You can find a video showing that here: How To Exit Full Inversion On Your Inversion Table