Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table (Blemished)

Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table (Blemished)

Anyone wanna sell me in this? C5 c6 disc issues.

I’m seriously considering it.

Any weight limit or restrictions on this? i’m 250lb and 6’3

nevermind. I RTFM

  • Height Capacity: 4’8"-6’6"
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

You know what/ I’ve been looking at this for a long time. This is a primo model, has the back pain stuff, and is at a really nice discount due to “blem” stuff that doesn’t matter. If you’re like me I suggest you jump on this as well. In for one.

been waiting for a teeter deal for a while. this seems to be a good deal if you dont mind blemishes. i just need the functionality. in for one.

Agreed. I was considering paying full price or maybe downgrading to X2 at Costco (decent price, returnability). But I see this amazing deal still comes with 5 year warranty. I assume these are just returns… probably common for a device like this. It’s just not going to be for everyone.
I think I HAVE to jump or I’ll be sorry later.

Well, they weren’t kidding when they say blemished…but just to be sure, in case it wasn’t ADEQUATELY blemished, this shipped in a large box with no padding whatsoever inside, and pieces rattling around against each other and trying to poke out the box…not very cool

Had to get that off my chest. But the real thing i came here to mention was this–
My unit arrived with one of the plastic cam locks for the pivot arms broken. The missing piece was not in the box, so it didn’t happen in shipping, it was missed when the company refurbished/inspected this one.
Most parts are metal, hard to do more than scratch or dent, but this cam lock is a weak link, be sure to check yours carefully.

Good news is it only took a 2 minute call to Teeter customer support and a new part is being shipped out, no questions, no hassle

Very glad I passed, sounds like a nightmare and I hope woot makes this more than right.

In the end, I wasn’t disappointed.
Teeter had the replacement part to me in just a few days, everything is working fine now, I don’t even think about the scratches and dings anymore


Glad to hear. I ended up with a $100 table from Amazon and have been loving it myself too. Wish I could compare the two, but my bank account is happy. :slight_smile:

My $100 table came pretty much in the same condition you described but with a bit more padding, but not much at all. Looks like that is simply how they ship these things. As cheap as possible.