Teeter Hang Ups FIT-60 Inversion Table



I am frightened to ask what people did with these things so that they needed to be refurbished.


Ok, Wooters, let’s hear from you. I know some of you have bought inversion tables from Teeter. I’m thinking about it.

Share your experiences.


A quick search (amazon) reveals several cheaper inversion tables, though made by more “bargain” companies. It seems that Teeter is a well known brand, but does anyone who has this know what sets it apart compared with cheaper tables?


My brother had debilitating back pain for years. Chiropractors and physical therapists were no help (unless lightening his wallet counts) and surgery was too risky.

An inversion table worked like magic for him. He swears by them and says Teeter is the brand to get.

Am I in for one? I’ll sleep on it.


Wondering what went wrong with these tables that requires them to be refurbished makes me chuckle. It also makes me search youtube for videos of these things.



I with thunder on this one…have seen these a few times on woot and wonder who has used them and what they think of them.

Thanks to Google searches it seems as though Teeter is the trusted brand when it comes to these things, and if I am hanging upside down I want a little trust there.

Had back pain for years, getting close to pulling the trigger on this. Will sleep on it though, these dont sell out typically


At Costco tonight I saw a Teeter inversion table that I seriously contemplated buying.

It was the one with the moulded plastic table and was $250.00

I really wish the offering would have been the special edition table again as I missed out on it the last two times it’s been offered on Woot.

As for this one, I think I’ll pass. The price is good, but the features aren’t there.


Really wondering the same thing about the “refurbished” thing too.


I bought mine at Costco in the $260 range. Teeter is the better brand & the one that I got. After 4 back surgeries you’ll try anything to get rid of the pain and I have to say, depending on what type of back pain you have, it should work well for you. I would buy another Teeter in a minute, certainly at this $ too. Work so well that my buddy who has the same problem bought a Teeter too.


Great customer reviews over at Costco.


I know this is asking a lot, but can someone take me down the path of Fit-60 vs all the other models that Teeter offers? My take is they all hang you upside down, it’s just a question of 1) how easily you get upside down and upright again; and 2) how comfortable your pads are
Is there more to consider?


I bought this one when woot had it:

I love it! The only issue I have is where to store it. This was my comment that I posted when I got mine…
“Got mine last week and just had the chance to put it together today. Easy to put together - less than an hour for me. Used it for three five minute intervals and already feel the benefits! The only drawback is where to store this thing. Other than that, I am very glad I got one! And I like how the table part is a fabric and not hard plastic. After I used it to hang, I was lying on it flat and watching TV. If you barely bend your knees or move your arms, you can make it rock, almost like a hammock. Kinda kewl!”

I still use it about 4 to 5 days a week. I stand on my feet at my job for 6 to 10 hours every day. So this is ideal for trying to undo what gravity does to my back all day. I would buy again. I am looking into the boots you can buy. Wish they would woot those! They are $99.00 regularly. Little steep for my budget right now.

Final comment… the Teeter HangUps brand is very sturdy. I have never had any concerns that it will fall over or fold up.


[a friend owns one and I gave it a shot - incredible. I want one, but I can’t afford even this low cost. Teeter does not spin or feel wobbly like other inverters I have tried. It is very sturdy and honestly, you will want to stay there all day, it feels that good!


I’m really close to pulling the trigger on this. I have bad vericose veins and often need to elevate my legs to reduce discomfort caused by the pooled blood. I would guess this would be a huge help. Can anyone speak on using it for circulation issues?


I haven’t been to a chiropractor in years since using an inversion table.


I so want one of these.I have had 7 back surgeries in the 3 years. I asked my Dr. if it would be safe for me use one. He said yes if I don’t mind the chance that being Inverted could pull the Titanium clip, Rod and bolts out of my Spinal Column. Than there is the possibility of Stroke…Docors sure are Kill Joys!


Was seriously thinking about one of these until I saw this in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. For those of us with reflux, this might be the better option and the price is comparable. Plus there’s a lifetime warranty.



I am a retired Chiropractor and have used inversion traction since the 80’s. This will do wonders for low back pain and sciatica. I bought a teeter table on a prior woot sale. The table is very sturdy, comfortable and supportive. It also provides you with control of the angle by moving your arms without the wobbling back and fourth. Great buy. Many refurbs are returned purchase. My unit looked brand new! I own the F7000


I have the EP-500 (refurb from here) and I’m impressed with the quality of materials these things are made with. Very solid feel, well grounded. Adjustment is a snap. Ankle brackets are very easy to use and you feel secure before you invert. Mine does not have the padded bed which would have been nice but all the rest seems to be the same save for little styling differences.
I’ve got lower back issues that causes pain to shoot down one leg. This has helped considerably. My wife loves it as well. Best part is it only takes about 3 to 5 mins of time, every other day (for us)to get REAL relief. Fold it up and push it out of the way when not in use.
Highly recommend!