Terraforming Mars Board Game

Terraforming Mars Board Game

This is a great game, I highly recommend for anyone on the fence about it and at a great price. I paid 39 for mine at cost through our shop. I am probably getting this as a backup copy

I STRONGLY advise getting the game aid/dividers from Broken Token. I seriously have not seen such a glorious feat of engineering and design in a very long time. They really enhance the game play, and make storage and setup much easier.

Sold out. Sad I missed this awesome deal.
Next time Woot

I already own and love it, so I bought three, for gifts. Don’t know whose brilliant idea was to put them in unpadded plastic shipping envelopes. Two of the three boxes got damaged in in transit. I cry now.

Ugh. That’s Amazon’s FCs. They seem to be using envelopes more often now… often with not so good results.

Reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

This - they sent me an HDD* (not SSD) packed in bubble wrap and a padded envelope. Miraculously, it survived.

*Item purchased from the mothership, not woot.

I jumped on this deal and also received my copy in nothing but a plastic envelope. The box and board were damaged, which was bad enough, but I’ve also come to find out that the copy sent to me is counterfeit (confirmed by the game creator, Jacob Fryxelius).

Needless to say, I am shocked that Woot! would be selling a counterfeit product. I have bought a few things from Woot! in the past, and I never had an issue. I assume that this is some sort of unfortunate oversight…

I reached out to Woot! support. Unfortunately, they have made it clear that they don’t care.

Hi there. Thank you for the information. This was inventory from Amazon so we don’t have eyes on the inventory. I’ve passed your concerns on to our buying team.

Yup the exact same thing, little plastic envelope with damage to the product. Played it last night and it’s is for sure a fake.

We’ll see how Woot handles it, first experience with them and it’s not a good one for sure.

Yeah, mine looks fake for sure. Reached out for support; hoping they make this right with a legit copy of the game or a full refund. Seems wrong to return it and just have it sold off to someone else who may not know the difference.

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Hi there. Could y’all send some links to pics to support@woot.com or post them here. If you could point out what you’re seeing as differences, that would help us out. Thank you!

Purchased this product via Woot! app. The box did arrive damaged, and further investigation did confirm the product was counterfeit.

Support already resolved my concern, but as an avid board game player, I am saddened by this.

I hope the Woot! team is taking care of everyone who was duped by this purchase. I further hope inventory is QC’d to prevent this from happening again.

What was your resolution and how were you able to get them to resolve it already?
I called support, and they first said they needed 10-15 days, then later changed that to 2-3 days to get back to me on what the decision will be after an investigation on this matter.
Mentioned that likely they can provide a return label for a full refund. I was not offered an exchange of a real copy, and when I asked why they wanted a counterfeit copy back, it was said that Woot would need to send the counterfeit copies back to the vendor they purchased it from.

That’s absurd Woot! Unacceptable.

I was issued a full refund and told to do what I wish with the product. Keep in mind I had already contacted support about the damaged box and received a partial refund.

My husband also sniffed a counterfeit when we opened our copy last night. We have a lot of experience playing this game and immediately noticed a difference in quality of the components. The cubes are a lighter weight, with sharp, rather than rounded, edges, and corners that have sharp protrusions (I mean, someone could cut themselves on some of these corners). The bronze and silver cubes, which are of differing sizes in the original, are the same size, making them harder to distinguish. Some of the cards have creases right through the middle. The finish on the cards is glossier than the original manufacturer’s. There are many differences in quality that are obvious to those who have spent significant time playing an authentic copy. Also disappointing to those who have waited a long time to own their own copy.

I hope to take pictures this evening with a friend’s copy to show the differences.


I’m still waiting on resolution.

Oh, didn’t realize it was counterfeit, not just damaged. I guess I’ll ask my brother to give me back the copy a gave him as a gift. At least it didn’t go to people outside the family yet.

Glad Woot handle the situation issuing a mass refund as i just received an email and was not aware of the situation. I remember the box was damaged and the colors looked off but didnt pay much attention to it and shelfed it, looks like i will have to check it out when i return home. Bummer

Wow, I had not opened the box yet until I saw the refund in my inbox. The game wasn’t damaged but once I went to check on the items I can tell its a counterfeit. Thank you Woot for managing this so throughly! You have gained 100+ points in my trust in you guys. Cheers!