The Dirty Doodler

$28 is a bit rough for a shirt. I get that the process involved means the cost will be higher - but damn.
I’ll have to enjoy these from afar.

Speaking of afar, Cleveland is where these are printed? I’m guessing that means they’re outsourced? Or did woot buy out a sublimation print shop?

$28 isn’t bad for what it takes to do these. Higher than usual, sure, but not out of line. I believe Mike mentioned that the production is outsourced in the pre-derby blog/thread.

I have to say, shirt.woot pricing has really spoiled us as what shirts would be going for. A daily shirt shipped still goes for less than other crowdsourced sites after shipping is accounted for; adding $3 for AA, and it’s still on par - except none of the others use AA.

That’s my take anyway. I’m definitely in for a @wotto shirt.

I know they’ve spoiled us. I see a shirt for more than $15 shipped and scoff, even though they cost money to make.
To be fair though, I wasn’t a t-shirt girl until woot, and I don’t see me continuing the collection elsewhere, really.

Living in NYC the price (to me)is nothing. Was gonna bite until I read the “100% spun polyester” part…
That I can’t swallow :^(

No way around that part; it’s synthetics that can absorb the ink color as it’s vaporized in the printing process, not natural fibers. The end result is that the colors becomes part of the fabric and it will not feel like you’re wearing a big blob of ink.