The Fat Unicorn



Excellent choice for a devoted + sale. Fat Unicorn is in my top five Woot tees.


I have never been so EXCITED about woot plus…slightly confused in the loaded remix though. Anyone care to explain?


I’d kill to have a purple Fat Unicorn shirt. What d’ya say? :smiley:


i’m so happy i could almost cry. were it on purple tshirt and zip up, i would be definitely be crying. and peeing. seriously: thank you, woot. you don’t even have to shut up when you take this money from me. (in fact, if you wanna call me dirty names while you take it… i… yanno… wouldn’t mind. ;))


I love this idea of giving people multiple color and style options. I eagerly await the day I can choose a background color and a shirt/sweater/etc. style for every print!


I’m debating on getting one of these to pair up with my Runnin’ Rhino shirt from Threadless.


There is some cool context around this +Sale, and we’re working up a blog post to lend some context. The skinny is that Robbie was asked by Loaded Boards if they could use his image on their much anticipated and high end long board. We’ll have some more context this am for everyone.


Here is a slightly late blog post explaining!


Very cool, congrats on the board design – i want to buy just for the skateboarding cred :wink:


THANK YOU! :slight_smile:


I already have this in a tank top, but would buy it again in a blue or black long sleeve tee. Why do the long sleeve tees get so little love?


Randomly, THANK YOU for mentioning that. I decided to follow the link back to check today for the millionth time if they finally had that design restocked in my size and they finally did. I’m getting my favorite shirt ever because of yoooou!


What does the light blue one say in the background? It looks different than the rest.


LOADED, but the unicorn has already eaten some of it.


Thanks for the comments! It’s been a blast to work with Loaded and Woot on this, so huge thanks and props to them. Can’t wait to get see all this stuff in person…


Congrats Robbie Lee! But wondering why they show a long sleeve tee at the top, but only see short sleeve available?


This design is awesome. I dropped a link to the page on a friend’s Facebook page and I think she replied back “OMGYESJUSTBOUGHTMYSELFTHEGREENHOODIE” within ~8 minutes.

LOL. Total win, Woot!


One of my favorite Woot shirts ever! The first one I’ve ever bought a “just in case” replacement for right before it was reckoned.

I wish there were a long-sleeve option! There doesn’t seem to be a green long-sleeve blank though, right? (Thinking about the ugly sweater side sale and the lack of my favorite design in long sleeves.) And agreeing with whoever said purple. I love the purple tee I got in the side sale.


Noob question. Will there be more Fat Unicorn items? Thanks