The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack

dave!!! i just found this…!!! i think this could be a cross breed of bunchies and cats!!!

hang tight GREENS!!! monday is here!!! good luck greens…:slight_smile:

hahahaha no worries because it ended in a tie! lol

I stopped reading the comics and watching the show a couple seasons ago. I enjoyed the struggle to survive vs the zombies, but I found the cruelty and violence among the humans just to depressing and soul sucking to invest my time in.

whoa!?! that’s definitely new!!

happy monday greens!!

tired and it’s going to be a cold week here. but I have no extra work shifts this week, so hooray for that.

hail? really mick?

glad you got a lot of your yard work done. husband and son have a crapload of raking ahead of them.

off to make some strong black tea and pack my lunch.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Bunchie that dressed to go to a Cincinnati Bengals game.

That hurts the eyes.

And you had to repost it.

oh boy. problems with our computer system means we are hardly getting any prescriptions coming through. and when they do, instead of saying we have 1 hr + to fill them, they say 30 min or less. my prediction is once computer system is fixed we’re going to get slammed. of course, alternate prediction would be al the rx sent this am will be lost in the system & we’ll get angry people looking for meds.

either way it’s gonna be an interesting afternoon.

jeez. I know cklun is away and people have lives and jobs, but no posts since noon??

only a week left for the halloween gifs!

Oh crap! Our computers crashed today too…totally unproductive for 3 hours. So frustrating! We are already slammed and behind, now we are more slammed and more behind!

OO, I’ll fill in and say:


A tie? Really? Can they do that? Don’t they just keep on playing like in basketball and baseball? How can this be?