The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack

this is a continuation of
The Original The Grotto of the Santa Sedition thread


Oh yes we are!!!

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Thanks Mbspell for starting the new thread. I was starting to get the shakes.

Nice job mbspell!

It was so strange having no place to go!!

If you have suggestions for a better thread title PM me.

home sweet home!

Congrats Mbspell on the last post!

this is the last post…


Congrats Mbspell! Give me a day or two to figure out what to sends you. :tongue:


we all felt so lost and confused for about 10 minutes until mbspell started new thread!

woo hooo!!!

thanks TT

cheers to all the awesome green teamers who made this thread so fun it could not be contained

phew…THAT was amazing!

I can finally eat now!

ditto!!! new WOOT record?


I hope Dave and Shortman find us! LOL!